Noa Noa Clothes

This is one of our blog sites that is purely dedicated to Noa Noa and how much we, at Noa Noa Reigate, adore the brand, the people and most importantly…the clothes!  With the seasons last delivery in the bag (Autumn/Winter/Christmas 2010), we now have the complete collection in store and most extensive collection in the UK.  We work tirelessly to bring you photographs, descriptions and information on all the garments, and are up all hours of the night making sure all the stock is on our e-shop ready for all true Noa Noa fans to purchase.  We are, of course, more than happy to do this, as we love bringing the spirit of Noa Noa to people who are as enthusiastic and fanatical about the clothes as we are.

Coats, dresses, knitwear, tops, trousers, skirts, footwear, accessories…we have it all!  We endeavor to have the best collection of Noa Noa clothes in the UK and we do boast the most extensive collection.  We are more than happy to special order items in for our customers, who more often than not turn into our friends.  We know how fantastic Noa Noa clothes make us feel, and we want to spread the love to women everywhere so they can feel great about their bodies whether they are 16 or 96, a size 8 or a size 18…it doesn’t matter because Noa Noa have an innate ability to make every woman feel special.

There are clothes catering for special events, black tie, parties and dinners…plus of course casual items for every day wear that make you stand out that little bit more.  The cut and finish of the clothes are so elegant, that even in day-to-day Noa Noa jeans, basic doria tee and a wool and cashmere knit cardi, you can feel a million dollars, a look it too (just without the hefty price tag!).  Noa Noa clothes are so easy to wear and so comfortable too – it makes them so easy to throw on and leave the house (perfect for busy Mum’s and women on the go!).  Why not contact us and see what Noa Noa Reigate can do for you?

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter (@noanoareigate), plus of course via our online blog site Noa Noa Reigate and our online shopping site The Bohemian Wardrobe Company.  If you prefer actual human contact, our phone number is 01737 246 652 and we are always more than happy to help in any way we can.

Minnie and the Noa Noa Reigate team xx


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